Monday, April 29, 2013

The Alex has arrived ~ Anti Chafe swimwear for boys!

We are so pleased to have released our new boys line " The Alex" for purchase. We currently have the Anti Chafe bathing suits available in sizes L and XL. The Full line should be available in early May ,just in time for our Parents magazine exposure! This line is named after an Autistic child, named Alex. He tried it out and we told him to give the line a name. He named it after himself! we are very pleased with the results!

 All of these suits have our unique, built in liner which prevents chaffing and the rash. We are so pleased with the quality and colors and hope you are also! We will also be offering, with this line ,our Blue with orange trim suit since it was our biggest seller last Season. These suits are constructed exactly as our first line - comfy, perfectly hanging ,quick drying liner. Anti Bacterial, UPF 50+

If you are looking for the Original, best quality, anti chafe swimwear around....look no further! Order yours today! ( Don't forget we have our Men's line available as well.) We've got you covered guys! No more chaffing or rashes! Enjoy your Summer!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

You can call it, Anti Chafe, Chafe Free, Rash free, Anti Rash just works!

Our Men's Anti Chafe, irritation free swimwear is available for purchase. The Pre-order process went very well, and we are so pleased with the quality of the suits. Our Production team has rolled right into the next boys line. This next line for boys is of course the same Chafe Free swimwear, but is being offered in bright colors for this Season's trend.. We are very excited to have our Chafe free swimwear for boys highlighted in June's issue of Parents magazine! We couldn't ask for a better audience! We have also been contacted by a wonderful photographer who would like to use our swimwear for an upcoming photo shoot. Pictures will be provided as soon as we have them available. Since learning that our Anti Chafe swimwear is friendly for the Autistic community we couldn't be happier that we are working closely with Generation Rescue and we hope to be able to help many boys and men with Autism be more comfortable while swimming ,which is a wonderful form of therapy for them.

We have been receiving phone calls daily about how happy our customers are to have found us. They ,like us ,have suffered with irritation ,rashes, and miserable vacations for years. Our unique design of Anti chafe swimwear has solved the problem. No Net = Zero Rash!! Help us spread the word ,we want to be able to make better vacation experiences for everyone!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our First Live interview Promoting our Anti Chafe Swimwear!

We did our first NoNetz live interview for Fox News yesterday and it couldn't have gone better! The Producer of the show contacted us after seeing our story on a Blog and we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to speak about our Anti Chafe swimwear for Boys and Men!

See the interview here   -

                 Here we are, Cathy, Kym, Lauren Simonetti , Sue, and Patti, Post interview.

                                           Kym Timpano CEO, prepping before the show!      

                                                   Sue and Cathy waiting in the green room!

Arriving at Fox Studios ~ Very Exciting!!

We were so thrilled and appreciative to Fox for giving us this opportunity ~ Cheers!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anti Chafe, NoNetz Swimwear, Updates......

The team here at NoNetz is gearing up for a great Season! We have a lot going on to promote our Anti Chafe Swimwear for guys! We are prepping for a Fox News webcam next Wednesday morning. We are so excited and ready to show off our unique, anti chafe ,pro comfort bathing suits that prevent chaffing and that dreaded rash! We will be doing a small business segment, and we are ready!

We have had so many wonderful testimonials from customers who are only too happy to share their experiences of vacationing with the grandkids or children wearing our NoNetz all day and night! Some have wanted to wear them as PJ's....that's just how comfy they are! You won't find a better quality, or more comfortable, Anti Chafe swimsuit ever! We take pride in the quality of our swimsuits and are so proud that we are Made in the USA as well!!

We were just promoted through Generation Rescue ,which is the leading Autism Organization that offers answers and hope to families touched by Autism. It turns out that our Anti Chafe swimsuit is just perfect for the Autistic Community, who are very sensitive to textured clothing. We happily sent them a suit to try and they just loved it! We will be working on other projects with them this Summer.

We also started taking Pre-orders for our Men's line "The Zone" and the guys just couldn't be more pleased to finally spend a Summer rash free! Our production team is very busy working on 2 line's for us at this time. Not only are we launching the Men's line, but a 2nd boys line "The Alex" which is named after an Autistic child who tested the suit for us and called it "Epic" according to his mom. They are so proud to have this suit named after Alex! The new line offers a choice of 4 colors, nice and vibrant, that's the trend this Season and we will not disappoint!

Be on the look out for June's issue of Parents magazine ( out mid May ) NoNetz was lucky enough to be chosen as a feature and will be on a model! We are so excited to be exposed to millions of parents who have been looking for years ( as we were ) for an answer to the chaffing problem.

                                  ANTI   CHAFE SWIMWEAR HAS ARRIVED!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exciting stuff on the horizon!

We have been busy designing the men's line which will go into production in a few weeks. NoNetz was notified yesterday, that our boy's swimsuit will appear in Parents Magazine in the June issue which comes out in May. We are absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity for our swimsuit to appear in a magazine that is read by millions of parents across the country.  We have also been working with Generation Rescue and other Autism and sensory sensitive organizations who have reviewed our suit.  They are confident that the suit not only solves the chafing problem but also helps a child who is sensory sensitive. Many exciting things happening for the spring! Anti Chafe swimwear has arrived!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Autism Education Site

We have been busy designing the most comfortable, anti chafe boys and mens swimsuit on the market.  Recently we have been endorsed by the Autism Education Site. We could not be more honored!  Our suit has been reviewed by children who are texture sensitive and they all have given it rave reviews!  The suit is super comfy and no tags or seams will touch the body.  Kids who don't like the feel of tight cloths like our design because the suit is loose fitting and soft. We are so proud to have been able to create a suit that not only prevents chafing but also helps the texture sensitive child feel more comfortable in the water. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hurricane Sandy delays Men's line launch!

Well just add some more unforeseen drama to our story. Our manufacturing facility was all ready to start the Men's line when Hurricane Sandy hit New York! The damage as you very well know was crippling! Our hearts go out to all who were personally affected. NoNetz are made in Brooklyn, NY, and the factory was flooded, but spared, thankfully! They are getting back on track and should have the line ready by Christmas. This road has been a bumpy one, starting off with the car being impounded with the boys line in the trunk and ending, thus far, with Hurricane Sandy holding off the launch of the Men's line. Come Hell or High water ( pardon the pun ) We will prevail!
Stay tuned Men, we are almost ready with your Anti Chafe swimwear!